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i breath icons [21 Feb 2012|09:08pm]

[11] Actor: Matthew Macfadyen {icons/avatars}
[11] Actress: Rosamund Pike {icons/avatars}
[18] Movie: Pride & Prejudice {icons/avatars}
[19] TV Show: Doctor Who {icons/avatars}
[20] TV Show: Spooks {icons/avatars}
[04] TV Show: Torchwood {icons/avatars}
[09] Video Games: Assassin's Creed {icons/avatars}
[02] Video Games: Red Dead Redemptionn {icons/avatars}

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icons [02 Mar 2010|07:46pm]


(07) Joss Related (Buffy, Morena Baccarin, David Boreanaz, Nathan Fillion & Summer Glau, Eliza Dushku)
(04) Sarah Michelle Gellar (1 with daughter Charlotte)
(07) Alyson Hannigan (2 with Alexis Denisof and 2 'How I Met Your Mother')
(06) Amy Acker
(21) Olivia Williams (Photoshoot, 'Austen Regrets', 'Dollhouse')
 (17) Billie Piper (Marie Claire Photoshoot and 'Secret Diary of a Call Girl promo photos)
(13) An Education 

Photobucket  Photobucket  Photobucket

See them all HERE at my journal

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3 December 2007: Atonement New York Premiere Afterparty [06 Feb 2008|10:50pm]

[ mood | good ]

Rosamund Pike wears Alexander McQueen at the Atonement premiere afterparty at Balthazar in New York on 3rd December 2007

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29 November 2006: The British Independent Film Awards [15 Mar 2007|03:33pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Rosamund Pike wearing Missoni at The British Independent Film Awards at the Hammersmith Palais, London on 29th November 2006

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[01 Jan 2007|06:12am]

[ mood | lazy ]

Famke Janssen (x-men, love & sex)
Rosamund Pike
Eva Green
Patrick Wilson and Kate Winslet (little children)

more at play_possum

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